Shades of Manhattan


A totally original two-dimensional fighting game


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Shades of Manhattan is a 2D fighting game with a completely original storyline, characters, and levels created by Sean Altly.

You'll meet more than a dozen characters, each with their own normal and special attacks. Some of them can even use weapons during combat - but your main attacks will come from fists, feet, and special elemental attacks.

But the best part of Shades of Manhattan is its story, and each character has their own relevant background. That makes playing one-player arcade mode especially fun.

Shade of Manhattan includes other playing modes in addition to arcade, like 1-on-1 against another human player, or 2-on-2, either by turns or simultaneously.

Shades of Manhattan is a fun two-dimensional fighting game that enables you to enjoy some characters and levels that have never been seen in a MUGEN game.
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